Residential & Commercial Christmas Light Installations near Cleveland, Ohio

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November 1st – December 23rd

Professional Installation

We’re a CLIPA certified Christmas light installer.

100% Guarantee

We guarantee our lights will work all season long

No-Hassle Lease Program

We’ll take care of the install and removal of your lights

Holiday Light Installation Company Near Cleveland Ohio

About Our Christmas Light Installation Services

Show off your home this holiday season by having a CLIPA (Christmas Light Installation Pros Association) certified Christmas light installer install professional LED lights on your home.

As a contractor who’s spent years installing professional Christmas lights, we know exactly how to handle light installations for any home’s unique structures while maintaining a safe environment.

Residential Installation

Impress your friends and family this holiday season with your amazing, professionally installed Christmas lights!

Residential homes are unique when it comes to Christmas light installations. Each home is different with its own unique architecture. Nevertheless, we’re certified and prepared to install custom-fitted, commercial-grade LED holiday lighting on any home. We’ll keep them maintained for free and take them down at the end of the season for free.

Commercial Installation

As a CLIPA certified installer and a licensed and insured contractor, you can take comfort in knowing a professional is handling your holiday lights while on your business’ roof. We guarantee our work and if you have an issue, we will be out within 24 hours to fix the issue.

Ohio Certified Christmas Light Installation Company

CLIPA isn’t just a fancy title we registered for. The certification process comprises of 5 key elements:


CLIPA Training for New Installers


Testing for New and Experienced Installers


Proof of (3) Years or More Experience


(4) Letters of Recommendations from Clients


Proof of Commercial Liability Insurance

Being a CLIPA Certified Installer isn’t just about having the experience or being certified. It’s also about knowing the industry trends, safety, and much more, including:


Commercial & Residential Roofline Installations


Trees, Bushes, & Other Landscaping Installations


Stake (sidewalk & driveway perimeter) Lighting


Window, Door, Archway, & Dormer Outlining


Pillar, Fence, & Gate Installations


Wreaths, Sprays, & Garland


Troubleshooting Lighting Issues


Configuration & Proper Power Routing


Removal of Lights & Decor


Necessary Tools & Equipment




Decorating Ideas


Customer Service & Relations

Christmas Light Installation Pros Association Company in Cleveland Ohio
Christmas Light Installation Services near Cleveland Ohio
Basic Christmas and Holiday Light Installation Services in Lake County Ohio
Custom Christmas Light Installation Company Near Cleveland, Ohio
Professional Company that Installs Christmas Lights near Cleveland Ohio
Residential Christmas Light Installation in Lake County, Ohio
Residential Christmas Light Installation Services in Cleveland Ohio

What Our Christmas Light Installations Services Include

We go the extra length to put value in our Christmas light installations so you know you’re taken care of this holiday season.

Professional Installation

All of our installations are backed by complete training events and seminars as well as years of experience from residential to commercial applications. Understanding power and length requirements, as well as mounting and installation best practices, is our strength.

Free Service Calls & Repairs

If you decide to rent our lights for the season, the rental cost isn’t only included with the install, it’s also backed by free maintenance work. When you pay for lights, they should work. And we work to make sure they do.

No-Hassle Lease Program

With our No-Hassle Lease Program, you’ll be able to take advantage of our commercial grade LED lighting that will be custom-fitted to your home or business. This program also includes free maintenance calls with a 24 hour response time! We set them up, take them down, and store them until next year.

Energy Saving

With our commercial grade LED lighting, we use 90% less power to light up your home, saving money on your electric bill. Our LED lights come in a variety of sizes and colors such as clear, green, red, and even multicolor. 

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Christmas Light Installation Services in Cleveland Ohio

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