Roofing Installation Services near Cleveland, Ohio

Looking to have new shingles installed or to replace your existing shingles? It won’t only look new, but a professional roofing job can save you money.

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Roofing Services in Cleveland Ohio

About our Lake County Roofing Services

Wade Roofing are the experts in the East Cleveland metro area in new shingle installations on residential roofs.  We bring the right tools for the job and are prepared to handle just about any issue caused by damages or worn-out roofs.

We’re with you every step of the way from picking your shingle color, the removal of your old roof, and installation and cleanup of your new integrated roofing system. We’ll leave your property looking like you magically received a new roof overnight.

New Shingle Roof Installation in Cleveland Ohio
Roof Replacement Contractor Services Near Cleveland Ohio
New Shingle Installation in Cleveland Ohio
Residential Roofing Contractor Near Cleveland Ohio
Professional Shingle and Roof Installation in Cleveland, Ohio
Home with Professional Blue Shingle Installations in Cleveland, Ohio

Reasons Why

A New Roof is a Good Investment

It doesn’t just look good. A new roof is also a good investment that can save you money in the long run.

Damaged roofs can cause leaks

Shingles prevent water, debris, and even pests from getting into your roof or attic. When there is a vulnerability in your roof, it can become prone to water damage from rain and storms. This water damage rots the wood paneling under the shingles and can even affect your roof trusses and support beams. Leaking roofs can also cause other interior damages such as leaking down your walls or drips from your ceiling.

Age of shingles

Nothing is built to last forever. Things get old and start to wear away. Your shingles are no exception to this principle. The typical residential asphalt shingle has a life span between 15 and 30 years depending on the type of asphalt shingle you get (3-tab or architectural). Aside from rain and storm damage, shingles also take on damage from UV light, which heavily contributes to their fading color over time as well as their durability.

Increase your home’s value

Aside from the obvious protection benefits of replacing a worn or damaged roof, a new roof installation can increase your home’s value by nearly $12,000, netting a positive ROI on most roofing installs. Of course, this depends on the size of your home. Larger roofs and homes increase value with new roof installations proportionally. If you’re looking to sell soon, making sure you have a newer roof should be at the top of your home makeover priorities.

New additions and remodels

If you’re adding on to your home then chances are you’ll need to place a roof over that new section. We’ll help you pick the right shingles to match what you currently have. And while we’re up there, we can take a look at the rest of your roof to see if there are any areas of concern.

Other Roofing Services We Offer

A lot of problems can stem from your roof, but not all problems are solved by a complete roofing replace. Here are some of our other roofing services we offer the Cleveland area.

Roofing Repair Services in Cleveland Ohio

Roof Repair Services

Our roofing repair services save you money by repairing only what is necessary to prevent damage to other parts of your roof and interior.

Gutter Cleaning Company near Cleveland Ohio

Gutter Cleaning Services

Our gutter cleaning services prevent gutters from overflowing, causing drainage and flooding issues at the base and in the roof.

Gutter Guard Installation Services in Cleveland Ohio

Gutter Guard Installation

We professionally install gutters and gutter guards. Guards are an effective way to keep debris out of your gutters while allowing water and melting snow and ice to drain from your roof and eaves.

Christmas Light Installation Services in Cleveland Ohio

Siding Installation & Repair

Old or worn siding can cause just as many issues as a bad roof. Our professional siding services repairs the exterior of your home and prevents leaks, high heating and cooling bills, and even pests.

Christmas Light Installation Services in Cleveland Ohio

Christmas Light Installation

Light up your home this holiday season with our commercial-grade LED Christmas lights. Take advantage of our no-hassle lease program and don’t worry about lighting maintenance or removal.


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